Thursday, August 22, 2013

All I Ever Needed to Know About Bugs, I Learned from My Son

My son will be eleven years old on Sunday and he just got his first job yesterday delivering papers a couple times a month for a local publication.  This has been an answer to a desire within him to work and earn money. 

His first day on the job took much longer than we anticipated as he spent much time stopping and looking at various bugs and pondering things about them. I am so grateful for his sake, that we have developed a more home base way of life that enables me to feel relaxed and able to let him explore his world and not be focused on rushing about life. 

For much of his life he has enjoyed bugs, looking at them and examining them and reading about them.  He has read many books from the library about bugs and I have bought him a couple of books too.  I remember last year, coming across an insect book at one of the local state parks and asking D if he would like me to buy it for him.  He carefully looked through the book and decided he didn’t need me to buy it for him because it didn’t offer him very much new information.  It amazes me, the information he carries around in his head and is able to share with me about bugs.   He often tells me interesting facts about different bugs.   It made me think about how much I have learned about bugs from my son.  I am so glad that we all can learn many things from each other.

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