Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Learning to Give the Best One

Something we have been focusing on in our family is giving the best to one another.  

Last week our family was getting ready to go out and we were getting things set up in the car.  As part of coming know my children at the heart level I can now often see their attitudes as they are living life before they are expressed outwardly.  This was true on this day as we were preparing to leave.  I noticed my son was setting up to “take” a particular seat in the minivan for himself and the above thoughts that we have been focusing on came into my mind.  I used that as an opportunity remind him about giving the best to our siblings.  Later, as the kids were piling into the van I heard him ask his sister, “Where would you like to sit?” Not knowing that my son had his eye on a particular seat she responded with choosing a different seat than the one he had his eyes on.  They then proceeded to settle into their seats.

I thought about how easy that communication between them was, and I was grateful for the consideration and kindness that was expressed between the two of them.  I thought about how my son was willing to give up what he thought of as the best if his sister also wanted that seat and I told him how grateful I was for for his willingness to give precedence to his sister.

We have more work to do in this area in our family and it’s good to be seeing good fruit coming from the work we have done so far.

You can learn more ways to teach children how to love their siblings in the Love’s Actions Seminars. Just click on the link below:

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