Thursday, October 31, 2013

Character Training Adds Time

A highlight from grocery shopping not long ago was witnessing the loving kindness of a young mamma towards her children. She had two little boys maybe around the ages of 3 and 5 years. The little one did not want to share the little kid shopping cart with his big brother and began to cry as his mamma encouraged him to share.  I noticed she was encouraging the younger son to share even though the older son didn’t show and outward “need” to have a turn at the cart.  She tenderly scooped her youngest son up in her arms and gently talked to him as she snuggled him close to her. His response was to wrap his arms around her neck and sweetly say “I am sorry, Mamma” as his crying waned.  This was such beautiful evidence that she has his precious little heart. It was such a pleasure to watch this mamma in action and couldn’t hold back telling her she was doing a fabulous job with her little ones.

All through the store I saw her teaching her boys and speaking kindly to them, completely focused on them and their hearts. As I was getting ready to check out, her littlest one accidentally knocked over the little kid cart, spilling all the groceries he had collected out. His first words, were “I am sorry.” She kindly said, “It’s okay,” and they picked up the groceries and placed them back in the cart, all in sweet spirits with each other. All throughout the store, I saw her speaking words of kindness to her boys, giggling with them, talking with them, putting her arms around them at times, clearly teaching them about shopping as she pointed out where to take the cart next.  She was fully present with them. I didn't see her pull out her cell phone once, she was fully vested in her boys, they had her full attention. Her kind and generous affection for her boys was SO evident.

As I was leaving the store, she was also checking out and she smiled. I stopped and told her that I have friend who writes books about parenting and who says parenting taking lots of time. I told her it was a delight and a blessing to see her interacting with her children and taking such care and time for them, and I assured her that she is doing a great job with her boys. Her gratitude was so sweet and humble.

It was a true delight and blessing to see this mamma’s interactions with her boys embody Marilyn’s quote.  You can find Marilyn’s writings at Lifestyle of Learning™ .

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