1000 Things

Inspired by the book One Thousand Things I am creating an ongoing list of things I am grateful for.  

September 2014
1.  I am thankful for God's grace and that I can call on Him every moment of every day.

2.  I am thankful that Sereina was offered a new job position within her company that gives her early morning hours, it works so good for both her and I, being that neither of us are night owls.

3. I am thankful for new business opportunities that have come Dan’s way, and that his work schedule has been filling up.

4.  Thankful that I can trust the Lord in every area of my life, including the times when I don’t understand what He is doing and when life feels really hard.

5.  I am grateful for today’s technology that has given us FB which allows me to stay connected with friends and family that I haven’t been able to see for years, and family that live across the miles that I hope to meet in person one day.

6.  I am grateful for the sense of humor my children have and for the laughter they bring into our home.

7.  I am grateful that the Lord never abandons me, and keeps after me until I am ready and willing for what He has next for me.

8.  I am grateful that Daniel has a job I can help with and enjoy conversations along the way. Today’s question from Daniel was, “What would you like the least, a tarantula or a scorpion?”

9.  I am thankful for the Lifestyle of Ministry and that the Lord has used this ministry to draw me closer to Him, always pointing me to the Lord in all the particulars of my life.    

10. I am grateful for the the many things that have come my way that affirm our decision to homeschool, and I am particularly blessed when my children indicate that they wouldn’t think of doing anything but homeschool their children when the day comes.

11. I am grateful for quiet early mornings that allow me to study and spend time with my Lord.

12. I am grateful that my kids, at their current ages (10, 17, 15 & 12) are so much further ahead of where I was at, at their ages, in following their interests and in their individual character development.  

13. I am thankful for the Lord's loving correction in my life through His Holy Spirit, drawing me to learn to be more cognizant of His voice, and helping me to learn to make course corrections along the way as He directs me.

14. I am thankful for days that answers to life challenges become evident and clear.

15. I am thankful for my hard working husband, his dedication to our family, and that our relationship continues to grow closer with each year.  I am blessed.

16.  I am thankful for rain after a long dry summer.

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